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There’s been a lot of talk about whether CEO Tim Cook can step into the shoes of Steve Jobs. One test of Mr. Cook is to watch the company closely and look for warning signs. Bob Sutton suggests a few in “5 Warning Signs to Watch for at Apple.” The article includes an interesting anecdote related to Don Norman who used to work for Apple. Good stuff.

There’s been a healthy debate about whether Google got its money’s worth in patents when they proposed to acquire Motorola Mobility. Here’s an interesting take from a fellow who really understands this stuff, Florian Mueller: “No one has presented any plausible reason why Apple and Microsoft decided last year to bring patent infringement claims against Motorola if those patents are so strong that they can protect the entire Android ecosystem. I believe Apple’s and Microsoft’s intellectual property experts know a whole lot more about patent litigation and licensing than all of the world’s analysts combined. If they looked at Motorola’s patents and decided to attack anyway, that says a lot. Read the whole analysis in his Aug 29 post.

Jean-Louis Gassée always has something interesting to say about Apple. This time, it’s not the content of the article bu rather an Apple organization chart that’s almost possible to read. I need to contact Mr. Gassée to see if there’s a larger, more legible version. [See reader Hagen’s comment below for the original at Fortune.]

Apple Org chart

Here’s another one of those longer articles that will require a large cup of coffee but is endlessly informative and nicely done. It’s written by the esteemed Doc Searls, and it discusses something of crucial interest to us all: the Digital Wallet and what Google is up to. Once they get you registered with your National Identity, this one of the services that Google will, I surmise, want to offer. Take note: “Circling Around Your Wallet.”

Robot pays

The iPad combined with Google Maps is pretty darn cool. For casual use. But would you trust your life to it in a commercial airliner? The FAA wants pilots to use certified equipment, but some pilots are disobeying the directives and claiming that the iPad works just fine, especially when it saves smaller operators some money. I know you don’t need anything more to worry about, but this is worth a gander: “FAA: Own-ship Position Display on iPads Is a Problem.”

iPad in cockpit

(credit: Mashable)

Have you ever wondered how the original Baby Bells and other companies morphed into today’s telecom giants? Here’s a great infographic that traces the provenance of the new AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Qwest/Century Link. It’s a great reference piece from the Wall Street Journal.

Have you been curious about Windows 8 and how it might compare to OS X Lion? Here’s some visual eye candy that gives you feel for what Redmond is thinking in terms of the UI design of Windows 8. My reaction: holy crap.

We’re all aware of the customary horror of exposing our high school or college album photos. But why not, for fun, take a mosey down memory lane and take a look at Tim Cook’s days at Auburn University. Couldn’t hurt. Ah, to be that age again.

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Lee Dronick

Here?s some visual eye candy that gives you feel for what Redmond is thinking in terms of the UI design of Windows 8. My reaction: holy crap.

It looks likes the cable box remote control.

Ross Edwards

I noticed this with a chuckle from some guy commenting on the Windows 8 UI article…

I very much prefer the Windows ribbon, which hides when not being used, and when needed, gives me easy access to the options I have available to me. I dislike using Finder on OSX, I?ve always thought it was difficult for some reason.

Finder difficult?  Crikey, mate, the only way to get more elegant and easy than Finder is to go iOS and not worry about file management!

I suspect “for some reason” is that he never really tried it or spent any time on it.


The graphic is from Fortune Magazine.  You can find the original (and much more readable) version here.


So this is Win 8? What a piece of crap. Whoever designed this and whoever approved this should be fired and face a lifetime ban from the computing and design industries.

I hated the ‘ribbon’ the first time I saw it, had to use it for a few months, hated it even more. I do not use Office. I do not recommend Office. OpenOffice for all of it’s faults is easier to use BECAUSE it does not have that illogical, cluttered and obscure ribbon with the thousand tiny icons EXCEPT the one for the function I want.  It literally took me ten minutes to find Print the first time I needed it.

What’s wrong with menus?

They’re organized and if laid out correctly work very well. Even better would be (and it’s something I’ve wanted for a decade or more) is the option to customize my menus the way I want. Oh sure I stumbled a bit going from OS-9 to OS-X. I grumbled a bit, but I adapted because dispite the detail changes it was still a good way to organize commands. But this is beyond bad. Beyond incompetent. Beyond awful. Beyond terrible.

I don’t know if there is a word to describe this monstrosity.


John:  Cook will not forgive you for exposing his Auburn photos.  You can expect to banned from all Apple Stores.


Who would have expected a UI like this from a company who thinks up something like the Milan?



I prognosticate that Win 8 will look no more like this than Ballmer will ever look normal. The background screams for pastel, say pink.


This is reading conspiratorial. Three tries at giving crap a bad name.



Great piece by Bob Sutton. I agree with his list of 5 indicators of trouble ahead, with the following caveat for number 3 (departure of senior execs). One should not be discomfited if there is turnover in near-term, as a new CEO takes over. Granted, Tim Cook has had years of experience with the current leadership, but a few of these might use Cook’s formal assumption of leadership as an opportunity to move on or get out.  I would only be concerned if these execs are replaced primarily by outsiders (e.g. Pepsi execs) who do not know the business or have not been steeped in Apple’s culture. I think, particularly for a still relatively small company (number of employees) like Apple, culture is important.

The Doc Searls piece on Google and Google Wallet is thought provoking. I concur with Searls’ assessment that neither Facebook, nor any other of Google’s potential competitors in this space, have Google’s market infrastructure, with the exception of Apple, although Google’s may be more readily scalable. 

Regarding the Windows 8 interface, I almost think someone is having a laugh at bloggers’ expense, until looking at the msdn page regarding ‘improvements in Windows 8’. The subtitle, ‘Building Explorer’ involuntarily made me hear Danny Elfman’s ‘Making Christmas’ in Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare…’ Definitely time to wake up.

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