Parts Orders Hint at 5M iPads in July

Apple may be planning on shipping as many as 5 million iPad 2 units in July based on leaked information about parts orders. Unnamed sources in Apple’s supply chain claim the company has placed orders for about 5 million of the touch sensors used in the multimedia tablet, according to DigiTimes.

Sources claim Apple ordered 5 million of the sensors in June, too.

iPad parts orders say 5 million units in JulyParts orders hint at 5 million iPads in July

The sensor orders, assuming the figures are accurate, can hint at about how many iPad 2 units Apple plans to produce in the month, assuming the company plans to use all of the parts right away. Apple could, however, use some of the order and stockpile the rest to help avoid parts shortages later in the summer and into the fall shopping season.

Apple hasn’t been able to make iPads as fast as it can sell them, and even months after the iPad 2 was introduced supplies are still limited. The company isn’t, however, talking publicly about its supply chain plans.