Party of Four: Apple’s Family of Lion 10.7.1 Updates

| Lion

Roar!Apple released Lion 10.7.1 Tuesday, but it turns out that the company released four different versions of the patch, including separate versions for the MacBook Air and the Mac mini.

If you update through Software Update, you don’t need to worry about those different versions, but if you want the standalone updater, you’ll need a roadmap, or at least a guide, and you can find that on Apple’s Lion download page.

Alternately, you can use our direct links:

The Lion download page has all of Apples Lion related downloads, in addition to these OS patches.

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Lee Dronick

Should the four versions be called a “pride” of updates?

Bryan Chaffin

Should the four versions be called a ?pride? of updates?

I like it. smile


. . . a ?pride? of updates

I roared when I read that Sir H.

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