Pastebot Adds Clipboard Management to the iPhone, iPod touch

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Tapbots announced the immediate availability of Pastebot 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch on Wednesday. Pastebot lets users store multiple clipboard items, and can sync data to Pastebot Sync for the Mac, too.

Pastebot lets users store and edit text images in multiple clipboards, organize clipboards into folders, search clipboard contents, apply text and image filters, store and search item metadata, email clipboard contents, sync clipboard contents to the Pastebot Sync app for the Mac, and more.

Pastebot 1.0 is priced at US$1.99 and is available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store. Pastebot Sync is free and can be downloaded at the Tapbots Web site.


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interesting app, the paste to mac from the iPhone is useful. But I would like to see more options for the Mac client.

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