Patent Grabber 5.5 Released Adds International Patent Downloading, Revised Interface

New Jersey-based Blazing Dawn Software announced that the company had added international patent downloading to its Patent Grabber 5.5 software application on Tuesday. Patent Grabber automates the downloading of patents from various free public archives (such as the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office) and is available for Mac OS X and Windows. 

The application can also take a list of patents and download and combine the pages of each patent into individual PDF files. Patent Grabber also makes searching for U.S. and PCT patent documents very convenient through its easy-to-use but powerful search interface.

Previous versions of Patent Grabber were limited to downloading U.S., PCT and European Patent Office patent documents. However, the patent library of the EPO has patent documents from many additional countries. Patent Grabber can now download those "international" patent documents. Additionally, Version 5.5 sports an entirely new, and much simplified, downloading interface.

Patent Grabber 5.5 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later or Windows 2000 to install and run and retails for US$25 for a single new license or $10 for an upgrade license.

A free evaluation version is available that allows users to download the first five pages of any supported patent or patent application.