PayPal App Adds Bump to Pay Support

| Product News

PayPal released a new version of its iPhone and iPod touch payment app on Tuesday that adds the ability to transfer payments by “bumping” the devices together.

Along with bump to pay support, the new PayPal app also sports a redesigned user interface, the ability to calculate restaurant bills and send PayPal payment requests to the other people you are dining with, withdrawal request support, and more.

The PayPal app is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Watch out debit cards, you’re gonna be obsolete soon!!!


This is pretty neat. Bump is definitely a cool idea so I’m glad to see it facilitate more types of interactions. I use PayPal with coworkers whenever I make a group lunch run, and the repairman that fixed my garage door a few weeks back took PayPal too.


This is seriously cool, even if it’s not that practical today.  I don’t believe a lot of people will trust it at first, but I think it will grow.  This is the stuff of sci-fi films, except those usually had everybody carrying little credit card readers.  Being able to transfer funds with just your phone and an app is very, very futuristic.

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