PC World Compiles List of “Apple’s Most Intriguing Computer Designs”

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PC World has compiled a list of what it called the 11 most intriguing computers to come out of Apple going back to the original Apple I released in 1976. The list includes the Apple I, Apple II, and Lisa, as well as eight different Mac models over the years.

We should also note that while the über-cool, but eventually much-maligned-for-its-price, Twentieth Anniversary Mac (TAM) is included in the magazine's list, the everyone-loves-it- but-no-one-bought-it G4 Cube is not.

There's nothing particularly newsworthy or shocking about this list, but for Mac (and its predecessors) fans, PC World's list will make for entertaining and thoughtful reading.

The Mac mini made the list
More intriguing than the G4 Cube? The Mac mini made the list -- the Cube didn't.

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The most “intriguing” design by far was the G4 first flat panel iMac. It had a 10” round dome for a computer base, first flat panel LCD in their desktop line, the display could be raised or lowered, tilted or swiveled all on one arm. Talk about intriguing design….that is it.


Can’t PC World get ANYTHING right?!?

“[Number 7] the Macintosh Color Classic ... introduced the smiling icon that appears during every Mac start-up.”


Have these guys never seen Macs 1-6 on their list actually boot up? Somebody please, just drop-reset an Apple III on my head now and put me out of my misery…


What a lame PC World article.  The omission of the cube and the Pixar (i.e. lamp) iMac were obvious.  Even more puzzling was the inclusion of the Mac II.  There is nothing intriguing about the box-keyboard-monitor setup that was standard for gazillions of PCs then (and now)?


I have a friend still using the Lamp iMac. I have replaced the CD for him but it runs great for him! (He’s still on dialup so speed isn’t an issue!)

typical Apple—the thing is rock solid & still runnin fine!!!


Well - I may be in the minority but I’ve always found my Mac Mini very intriguing… but then I’m a switcher!

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