PC World Rounds Up "Six Worst Apple Products of All Time"

PC-centric PC World magazine has published a piece with the provocative title of, "Six Worst Apple Products of All Time." While it may seem like an attempt to troll for page views -- and it may be -- at least five of the products they picked would most likely wind up on a similar list of even the most ardent Apple fan boy (or, those fan boys who actually know their Apple history).

PC World's six products include the Macintosh IIvi and IIvx, Macintosh TV, Pippin, Power Mac 4400, the "Hockey Puck" USB mouse for iMac, and the one controversial choice (in our view), the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (the TAM).

The full article offers the specifics on each product, including what it was and why the magazine picked it as one of Apple's "worst" efforts.

Apple's Twentieth Anniversary Mac (the TAM)
The TAM? What's not to like about this gorgeous hunk o' Mac?
Image courtesy of All About Mac