Pebble Adds Steel to its New Time Smartwatch Lineup

Pebble clearly wasn't done with its new smartwatch announcements when it unveiled its Kickstarter for Pebble Time because now you can preorder Pebble Time Steel, too. The Steel version of Pebble Time comes with an all metal body instead of the Time's metal bezel on a plastic body, plus it sports longer batter life.

Pebble adds Steel to its Time smartwatch KickstarterPebble adds Steel to its Time smartwatch Kickstarter

Pebble added Time Steel to its Kickstarter pre-order program on Tuesday, saying the new model offers the same features as the standard Pebble Time, such as color E-ink display, built-in microphone, and the new timeline interface. The new model is a millimeter thicker, however, to make space for a ten day battery instead of the seven day version in the standard Pebble Time.

The company is selling Pebble Time Steel through its Kickstarter campaign for US$250, and that price will jump to $300 once it hits store shelves. Instead of shipping in in May, Pebble Time Steel will ship two months later in July.

If you already ordered a Pebble Time, but want to switch to the Steel version, Pebble will let you change without losing your position in the pre-order queue.

The company also gave more details about the accessory port the standard Time and Time Steel include, saying it's for "Smartstraps." Pebble is envisioning companies designing watch straps with extra features built in, such as sensors like heart rate monitors, so users can customize their watch for their personal needs.

When we last checked Tuesday morning, Pebble's Kickstarter pledge total was sitting at $12.2 million with over 54,700 backers. The company had set a pledge goal at $500,000, and blew past that within a couple hours of launching the campaign last week.

Seeing Pebble's preorder frenzy shows there's serious interest in the company's smartwatch product line. While that doesn't necessarily equate to pent up demand in the smartwatch market, it shows consumers who want specific brands really want those brands. If that carries over for Apple's own Apple Watch, we could see an even crazier ordering circus when it's available in the next few weeks.