Pegatron Forced to Drop Zenbook Due to MacBook Air Similarities

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Apple has reportedly forced manufacturer Pegatron to stop making Asustek’s Zenbook if it wants to keep its orders for iOS devices. Apple’s ultimatum stems from the Zenbook’s similarity to the MacBook Air, according to a 9to5 Mac article that cites a Chinese language piece.

Pegatron recently received iPhone orders from Apple and is rumored to be one of the suppliers for the iPad 3 that many expect to be announced next month. Ironically, Pegatron is an Asustek spin-off, but it is expected to cease making the Zenbook by the end of March.

Image via 9to5 Mac

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What similarity?  The ZenBook is obviously taller than the MacBook Air.  grin

LOL, it looks like Pegatron has just been “Samsunged” by Apple!!

Lee Dronick

Not only that Ron, but the MacBook Air is more silvery colored.


LOL, it looks like Pegatron has just been ?Samsunged? by Apple!!

More like they got “Samsunged” by their own, shall we say, unimaginative design team.


LOL Lee, I did notice that but didn’t want to go overboard!!

Yes, zewazir, lack of imagination seems to be par for the course anymore.

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