Perian Shutting Down, Going Open Source

The team behind Perian is shutting down the project after six years of development and will be releasing the code for its video codec tool to the open source community. Perian has been a popular OS X add-on because it lets users play media content that isn’t natively supported through QuickTime.

Perian is shutting down, going open source“Starting 90 days after the final Perian release, we will no longer provide support,” the team said on their website. “We’ll wrap up our loose ends, pack up our bags, and move on to new and exciting projects.”

The Perian source code will be posted to Google Code or Github, and the team isn’t guaranteeing the final version will be OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatible.

They suggest Niceplayer as an alternative, and are requesting that anyone still wanting to donate to the Perian project give their money to Child’s Play, Ronald McDonald House, or the EFF instead.