Petition Asks Apple to Pull NRA Practice Range App

A petition being hosted at is asking Apple to pull an app from the NRA that includes a shooting range. The petition calls the app, NRA: Practice Range, an "insult to the victims of gun violence" because it was released on the one-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

NRA: Practice Range Screenshot

NRA: Practice Range Screenshot

"Out of respect for the victims and to signal Apple's support for common sense measures to help end gun violence, we call on you to rescind your approval of this shameless new product," the petition said.

On the App Store, the NRA describes the app as, "the National Rifle Association’s new mobile nerve center, delivering one-touch access to the NRA network of news, laws, facts, knowledge, safety tips, educational materials and online resources."

In addition to the informational materials, the app includes a shooting range that allows user to shoot targets on three shooting ranges. The app is free, but has in-app purchases to unlock additional gun models, including a Colt pistol, an MK11, and a Dragunov SVD.