PGP Warns Users of Snow Leopard Compatibility Issues

PGP Corporation issued a warning on Friday that its PGP products for the Mac are not yet compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. The warning applies to PGP Whole Disk Encryption, PGP Desktop Professional, PGP Desktop Home and PGP Desktop Email.

The company said users relying on their products should avoid installing Snow Leopard, or if they need to upgrade their operating system, first decrypt all PGP-encrypted drives and uninstall PGP Desktop. Reinstalling after upgrading will likely result in data loss and system-related problems, too.

PGP plans to include Mac OS X 10.6 support in PGP Desktop 10.0, which will be their next major release. The company didn't, however, say when they expect to ship the new version.

PGP will be releasing a beta version of PGP Desktop 10 at some point, and will notify users when they can start testing it for themselves.