Pharrell's Beats 1 Radio Show Faces Potential Injunction

Pharrell Williams is facing a lawsuit that could permanently shut down his Beats 1 radio show OTHERtone. Uncommon Content Partners claims it had a contract with the popular singer and music producer for another show, and that he walked away from the deal.

Pharrell faces contract lawsuit over Beats 1 show. No word on Arby's plans to sue over his hat.Pharrell faces contract lawsuit over Beats 1 show. No word on Arby's plans to sue over his hat.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Uncommon Content Partners said it invested millions in the YouTube series ARTST TLK where Pharrell interviewed celebrities, then he walked away after the first season for a gig as a judge on The Voice. Pharrell claimed he wasn't obligated to a second season if a shooting schedule couldn't be reached, and filed a motion to dismiss the case.

That apparently didn't sit well with UCP, because now they're asking the court to issue an injunction blocking Pharrell's show on Apple Music. The company claimed Pharrell needed permission to work with Apple, and that it should've been producing his show. Again, Pharrell said "nope," and added that their contract expired before he started on OTHERtone.

Up until now, the fight has been between Pharrell and UCP. With the production company now threatening a Beats 1 show, however, Apple is likely taking an interest in the case. What involvement Apple may take—if any—is up in the air, but if its legal team does jump into action, you can bet there'll be plenty of money available to make Uncommon Content Providers go away.