New Malware Threat Targets iPad Owners

Computer security company BitDefender is warning that a new malware threat has cropped up for PC users that own iPads. The threat comes in the form of an email telling iPad owners they need to download a new version of iTunes, complete with a link to a Web site with a download link for an app that gives attackers access to their computer.

The email link directs users to a Web site that looks just like Apple’s iTunes download page where victims can download what appears to be an updated version of the iTunes application for Windows, but instead is an installer for the malware BitDefender is calling Backdoor.Bitfrose.AADY. Once installed, attackers can potentially gain access to the serial numbers and registration keys for installed applications, passwords for POP3 email accounts ICQ and Messenger passwords, and the computer’s protected storage area.

Since the malware application runs only on Windows-based PCs, Mac users won’t be impacted. Based on the number of iPads Apple is selling, however, there are likely a substantial number of Windows users that could get stung by this threat.