Photo Gallery of Apple’s New Renderings for Spaceship HQ

The city of Cupertino published new renderings of Apple’s “Spaceship” HQ the company is building, including elevations, blueprints, and new renderings of the building. We gathered some of the most interesting images from that release in the gallery below.

You can click each image below for a much larger version.

Aerial View Showing Solar Roof

Another Aerial View

Ground Level View

Ground Level View

Outside View Featuring Glass

Close-up of Glass Panels

Approaching the Building

Another Outside View

Main Building Elevations

Parking Structure Elevations

Main Building Area Breakdown

Landscape Plan

Main Building Parking

Proposed Site Plan

Parking Structure Above Ground

Cross Section of Auditorium w/Underground Theater

St. View from E. Homestead Rd.

St. View from North Wolfe Rd.

St. View from North Tantua Ave.


If you want to see even more detail, you can download the PDFs from Cupertino’s website, but the site has been hammered since the documents were published.