Photo Shows iPad Enclosure with Two Docks

Mission:Repair has published photos of what it says is an iPad enclosure with two dock connectors that would allow the device to be docked in either landscape or portrait mode. The current version of the iPad can only be docked in portrait mode.

In a blog post, the repair company said, “Here’s a shot of an iPad back case showing the dock connectors both on the bottom of the iPad (as we’re used to) and on the side of the iPad so you can dock it in landscape mode. Just as we hoped.

Note that the company was very careful about not saying precisely where the enclosure came from or how they got it, but Mission:Repair is a reputable repair outfit. While the Apple logo in the photo below could have been Photoshopped or Acorned (is that a verb yet?) into the image, it’s likely a legit Apple product.

Whether it’s intended for an actual shipping product, of course, is another question.

Mission:Repair has another photo showing the inside of the enclosure back.

Mission:Repair Photo

A photo of an iPad enclosure showing two dock connectors