Photos of 5th Ave. Apple Store Cube Repairs

Apple is busily repairing the 5th Avenue Apple Store's iconic glass cube entryway, and the repairs have been documented on Instagram. One of the enormous glass panels that make up the cube was shattered by a snow blower in January, necessitating the repair.

The first image I noticed was posted by krissyhotdogs, the same Instagram user who touched off a barrage of articles about the shattered pane in January. In Tuesday's photo, below, she managed to capture the cube from an angle across from Central Park that doesn't have put buildings in the skyline.


Photo by krissyhotdogs, published with permission

Instagram user cliosage captured a completely different approach, giving the repairs an industrial look. In cliosage's photo, you can see the fence around the bottom of the cube. For perspective, you can see the very top of that fence in the bottom right corner in krissyhotdog's photo.


Photo by cliosage, published with permission