Photos of Vietnam iPhone 4G Prototype Suggest Apple A4 Processor

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Photos from a Vietnamese site of an Apple iPhone 4G prototype suggest that the device is powered by an Apple A4 processor, just like the recently released iPad. Engadget did the sleuth work after noticing a string of text on a chip that read “339S0084,” a designation that had already identified as a label for Apple’s A4. Another text string, “APL0398,” is also found on the A4 processor found inside the iPad.

If the labels are accurate and do identify the processor powering Apple’s as-yet unannounced iPhone 4G as being an A4, it would be the first iPhone not to use a third-party processor.

Among the unknowns, of course, is the clock speed of the processor inside the prototype, let alone what Apple might actually ship. The iPad weighs in at 1GHz, one of the fastest, if not the fastest, ARM-based processors on the planet. The iPad is also much faster than the iPhone 3GS, and a 1GHz A4 in the iPhone 4G would likely make it the fastest smartphone on the market, and then some.

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R2D2 here,

There is yet another iPhone prototype that has not and will not be discovered.  It was stolen by a Jawa trader named Dathcha and traded to Wuher at the Mos Eisley Cantina for six free drinks in the cantina.  Wuher would not offer more because he had seen & heard of my Droids.  That’s right.  We are shipping Droids to your planet aboard the Millennium Falcon.  In less than two of your earth years, Droids will be everywhere.  I predicted that Palm would fall as a result of our efforts.  See, already it has happened.  The Force is with us.


As I recall, Jawas are a shifty bunch and will sell you cheap, busted junk as often as they can get away with it.

Droids may become ubiquitous, but the Force is strong with Apple.

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