Photoshop & Premiere Elements 10 Come to the Mac App Store

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Adobe’s Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements found their way to the Mac App Store on Monday. The Mac App Store versions are called Photoshop Elements Editor 10 and Premiere Elements Editor 10 includes what Adobe is calling improved content-intelligent photo editing tools, and Premier Elements adds new one-click video enhancement tools.

Photoshop Elements 10Photoshop Elements, available at the Mac App Store for the first time

Photoshop Elements 10, Adobe’s consumer-focused image editing app for the Mac, offers new Depth of Field and Picture Stack guided edits, lets users add text that automatically follows custom paths or the outline of objects, adds 30 new smart brush effects, supports photo tagging based on Facebook Friends Lists, and more.

Premiere Elements 10, Adobe’s consumer video editing app for the Mac, ships with new one-click tools for improving video color and clarity. It also ships with InstantMovie themes for building movies quickly much like iMovie’s Movie Trailers feature, improved the pan and zoom features, offers Facebook and YouTube sharing, and can export videos in AVCHD format.

What’s missing from both, however, is Adobe’s Elements Organizer for managing and organizing photo and video projects. The Mac App Store versions also don’t support case sensitive HFS-formatted disks.

Photoshop Elements Editor 10 and Premiere Elements Editor 10 are priced at US$79.99 each.


Dorje Sylas

Joy hmmm

Now Adobe can blame Apple for slow rollout of updates and bug fixes.


Good news for Adobe.  Not so good for consumers.  The bloated Photoshop Elements 10 download from the Adobe site is more than 2 Gigs, but includes a free 30 day trial to see if it will eat your machine.  If I’m going to pay the same price for Elements 10 in Apple’s MacStore that it costs to buy a DVD version from an online store, I’m going to buy the packaged version, which makes my life easier when I upgrade my Mac and protects against a failed download.  If Adobe dropped the price below $50 in the MacStore, I might change my mind.


Photoshop Elements Editor 10 vs. Pixelmator 2?  $79 vs $29, I definitely would go with the $29.  What are the feature differences?

Or are these totally different products, since the description in the Mac App Store makes Photoshop Elements should more like a photo touch-up tool than a graphics creating/editing app.

(My wife has been using an old copy of Photoshop on Windows XP, and I want to move her to some Mac software. Pixelmator looks fine for her purposes, except it doesn’t have the “magnetic lasso” which she uses a lot.)

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