Pics Inside the Scottsdale Microsoft Store

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Images posted to Flickr show the crowds inside of the Scottsdale Microsoft Store, as well as a look at the store's layout. There are also images showing the line of people we saw in a YouTube video we covered earlier extending far outside the mall.

The images were posted by Flickr user "Microsoft Store," who is as near as we can tell the same "microsoftstore" that posted the video to YouTube. You can see much more of the Microsoft Store in the Flickr stream.

Microsoft Store Pic 1
The line of people waiting for the store opening extends far outside the mall.

Microsoft Store Flickr Pic 2
Inside the store before it opens with workbenches ready to go.

Microsoft Store Flickr Pic 3
Crowds o' folks inside the store after it opens.

Thanks to Scott Knaster for the heads up via Twitter.


Bryan Chaffin

I’ve a sneaking suspicion that “Microsoft Store” and “microsoftstore” is working on behalf of Microsoft, mainly due to the shots taken before the store’s opening. Well, and the user name.

Be that as it may, that is a seriously ling line of people. I am impressed. If MSFT can do it again without the lure of a new OS, they could have a hit on their hands.


Please tell me it’s just across the hall from an Apple Store! All Apple would need is a Justin Long look-a-like spouting off pithy comments at anyone going into the Microsoft Store then to give everyone the look and feel of a Mac vs. PC commercial in real life.


Is that two iMacs on the middle foreground table? Is this to provide a reference comparison (probably with the OS goofed up on purpose)? They don’t seem to have keyboards or mouse.


How many different PCs do they have on display, and how many of them are in stock so you can buy one on the spot? Either they are going to disappoint customers by being unable to deliver computers they are displaying, or they are taking on an inventory control problem much bigger than Apple’s.

On another note, count the ways they’re openly mimicking the Apple store: employees in colored T-shirts and name tags on lanyards, decor (floors, walls, tables), layout. It just screams “Me too!”


Wow. So many people waiting in line to talk to a “guru” to troubleshoot their PC’s.


The line outside the store is probably from M$ putting out a casting call and the poor people think they are going to be in another ‘reality’ commercial and get a free computer.


Those “gurus” are going to suffer and customers are going to be disappointed.



Do the numbers:  If there are 10 times as many PCs than Macs, then the line-up should be 10 times longer than for a Mac Store for it to be just as successful.


The line up was for those supposed gift bags worth $500. As it turns out they had Chapstick and other crap in them and nothing worth more than 50 cents.
LOL grin

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