Pink Floyd Albums Disappear from iTunes

Several popular albums from the music legends Pink Floyd are about to disappear from online services such as the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3 since EMI and the band failed to reach a new distribution contract. The current agreement expired at the end of June, leaving EMI without the authority to distribute Pink Floyd’s works electronically or on CD, according to Lifestyle.

The band’s works prior to Dark Side of the Moon are handled under a different contract, so earlier albums will still be available. Popular works, such as The Wall and Wish You Were Here, however, are already gone from the iTunes Store.

EMI can continue to sell through its backstock of Pink Floyd CDs, but once they’re gone, it can’t produce more.

Earlier this year, Pink Floyd filed a lawsuit against EMI over allegations that the label didn’t pay all of the royalties it was due for song sales through the iTunes Store. The band also claimed its contract with the label restricted download sales to full albums and didn’t allow for individual track sales.

Assuming the band can strike a new deal with EMI or another record label, its works could be available again at some point.