Pink Floyd Hits EMI with iTunes Royalty Lawsuit

The iconic rock band Pink Floyd is suing its record label, EMI, over claims that it hasn't been properly paid royalties for songs sold through Apple's iTunes Store. Part of the band's complain stems from EMI offering individual tracks through the iTunes Store instead of full albums only, according to the Telegraph.

The contract, based on the band's interpretation, doesn't allow for individual song sales. EMI, however, thinks that restriction applies to physical product sales such as LPs and CDs, but not to electronic versions of the band's works.

The contract with EMI was signed well before the iTunes Store opened, and at the time there wasn't a precedent for electronic music sales.

"It was unclear whether record companies would be selling direct to the consumer or through retailers," Pink Floyd lawyer Robert Howe told BusinessWeek. "[The iTunes Store] wasn't launched in the U.K. until 2004. These negotiations were taking place six years before that."

Both sides look ready to stick to their guns, so this battle may stay in the court room for some time. There's no word on whether or not the judge overseeing the case will take his wardrobe cues from The Wall.