Pioneer Gets in on Aftermarket Apple CarPlay

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Pioneer is tossing its hat into Apple's CarPlay ring with five aftermarket receivers for cars that don't ship with the feature pre-installed. CarPlay is Apple's in-dash system for linking your iPhone to your car for music playback, driving directions, and more.

Pioneer wants to make sure your old car can use Apple's CarPlay, tooPioneer wants to make sure your old car can use Apple's CarPlay, too

CarPlay gives users a bigger screen interface than they get from just their iPhone, includes controls for common functions such as music playback and navigation, lets users listen to text messages and reply without taking their eyes off the road, and works as a hands-free phone system, too.

Pioneer isn't the first company to announce aftermarket CarPlay option. Alpine made a similar announcement earlier this week, too. Pioneer's systems are expected to ship this summer and will be priced starting at US$700.

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Aftermarket CarPlay systems won't be cheap, but it's great to see companies stepping up so most anyone can get in on the hands-free action. It won't be cheap, but it still costs less than buying a new car.

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