Pixel Press 'Adventure Time' for iPad Lets Kids Bring Games to Life

Pixel Press released Monday its Adventure Time flavored version of the Pixel Press Floors app, Adventure Time Game Wizard. This new title allows kids to draw items and obstacles as part of a level of a game, and then play the level they just created. Adventure Time sells for US$4.99 in the App Store, and is rolling out to other countries as part of the same launch.

Starting out as a Kickstarter project, the original Pixel Press Floors is a game that is available for iPad and allows anyone to draw levels for a platform style game using symbols on grid paper. Then using an iPad, take a photo of that paper and the symbols get translated into various obstacles and paths. Once your level looks how you like, it can be shared with other people who can also play that level.

Join Finn and Jake for a positively algebraic experience

Pixel Press has teamed up with Cartoon Network to create an official Adventure Time game in which Finn and Jake discover a magical sketchbook which brings to life anything drawn in it. There are free downloads of templates for use with the app that include a how-to guide for level creation. And did I mention that the bad guy is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic? Because that is pretty awesome, too.

I haven't been able to spend a lot of time playing with it yet, but so far it's a lot of fun and pretty engaging. So if you are someone who has a jones for the old style platformers, or perhaps have some children with regular access to an iPad, this is definitely an app you should investigate further.