Pixelmator 2.0 Gains Drawing Tools, lots of Lion Features

The Pixelmator team released a major upgrade on Thursday to its flagship image editor for the Mac. Pixelmator 2.0 answers some of the company’s most longstanding feature requests with loads of new tools, an updated design, and support for most of Lion’s new perks, including Versions, Auto Save, and Full Screen.

Pixelmator 2.0Pixelmator 2.0 adds more Lion features

Headlining the major changes in Pixelmator 2.0 is something customers have been requesting for years: a suite of drawing tools. You can now create and combine your own vector shapes or pick from a library of pre-drawn shapes and let your imagination run wild. Other additions like the pen, freeform pen, and a new Shape Settings palette for adjusting fill, stroke, and shadows, should round out Pixelmator’s new drawing tools quite nicely.

There are plenty of other new toys for creatives in Pixelmator 2.0, including Content-Aware Fill technology similar to what’s in Photoshop CS5; retouching tools like sponge, burn, and dodge; a new on-canvas info bar for quick access to popular options; and some overall polish that tones down Pixelmator’s interface so you can focus on your work. Finally, Pixelmator is now a good Lion citizen, including the Full Screen feature everyone keeps talking about.

Pixelmator 2.0 also supports Lion’s Versions feature to let you revert to previously saved changes, and Auto Save should cut down on the number of times you have to say “whoops.”

Pixelmator 2.0 is now amongst us and still available at its “introductory” price of $29.99, a full 50 percent off its regular price of $59.99. The app is available through Apple’s Mac App Store, and a trial that requires OS X 10.6 or later is available at Pixelmator.com.