Pixelmator 2 to Add Content Aware Fill, More

Pixelmator Team unveiled the next version of its image editing app for the Mac, Pixelmator 2.0, on Thursday. The new version includes a Photoshop-like content aware fill tool, and offers a new set of precision drawing tools for vector shape editing.

Pixelmator 2Pixelmator 2.0 for the Mac

The new content aware fill tool replaces objects in images with surrounding content to make it appear as if they were never there, and the healing tool fixes issues like skin blemishes.

Version 2 also includes a new healing tool, updated retouching tools, a new eyedropper tool, updated info and tool options bars, customizable tool palettes, and more.

Pixelmator 2.0 will be available later this summer through Apple’s Mac App Store. It will be priced at US$59, and will be a free upgrade for users that purchased the current version through the Mac App Store.