Pixelmator Makes a Million Bucks on Mac App Store

Pixelmater announced on Tuesday that their graphics app for the Mac has hit the US$ one million sales mark in just 20 days on the Mac App Store.

After reporting the results, the company blog said, “What is even better is that the app is getting rave reviews on the Mac App Store (4.5 stars with over 275 ratings on the US store, 5 stars with over 128 ratings in the UK, and 4.5 stars with over 129 ratings in Germany). And, thanks to the Mac App Store, more people than ever are choosing to download Pixelmator.”


According to the company’s FAQ, “Pixelmator is a fun, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X. The application has everything you need to create, edit, and enhance images.”

Pixelmator co-founder Aidas Dailide told All Things Digital that they’ve sold over 33,000 copies at an introductory price of US$29.99 and that the company has “no problem” paying Apple the 30 percent fee.

There has been considerable debate about the merits and possible deficiencies of the Mac App Store (MAS). However, it appears that when the right product at the price becomes easy to purchase in the MAS, like Pixelmator, a developer can have considerable success.