Plants vs. Zombies, X2 Snowboarding Arrive at App Store


The holiday weekend wrapped up with PopCap and X2 Games releasing Plants vs. Zombies and X2 Snowboarding ($6.99), respectively. The former is an adaptation of the tower defense game that was popular on Mac and PC. It features 50 levels full of shambling undead who can only stopped by a variety of specialized plants; the zombies come in a variety of types too, so some must be stopped by a specific kind of plant.

X2 Snowboarding features six riders and a variety of trick, race, and freestyle events to choose from. Players zip down slopes in the US, Japan, New Zealand, Chile, and other countries. They can replay, in real-time, tricks and sections of slopes that have given them trouble, and they can play with friends via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

In other App Store gaming news, Activision has released a Zombie Asylum map ($4.99) for Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies as in in-game purchase.