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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner revealed in a series of tweets Tuesday that his magazine’s entire archive, from its first issue in 1953 to its latest, will arrive on the iPad in March, uncensored. Apple has in the past refused to allow anything on the App Store with nudity, and as the web site Digital Trends noted, CEO Steve Jobs has said: “Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”

Playboy has released an iPhone app, but it doesn’t contain nudity. However, Apple has been seeking syndication deals to release content geared toward the iPad, such as the iPad-only newspaper The Daily, which will be launched in conjunction with News Corp. The launch of The Daily has been delayed, though.

Judging by his Twitter page, Mr. Hefner is a prolific tweeter.

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I guess Playboy isn’t porn. It’s R-rated at best (worst).


Won’t it hurt the iPad to have staples in the middle?


“...Mr. Hefner is a prolific tweeter.”

That’s what she said.


Do you need three iPad’s to view the centerfold?

Lee Dronick

“Apple has in the past refused to allow anything on the App Store with nudity,”

A couple of points:

1. I have Triage, a first aid app, that contains nudity. True they are medical images.

2. De we know that this new Playboy archive is an app?

3. If it is an e-book of some sort do we know if it will be sold in the iTunes Store?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Now I now what Tim Cook was talking about when he referred to some big ticket supply procurement… Self-sterilizing glass.


LOL Man, you’re killen’ me here


Funny stuff everyone.  Staples in the middle…  LOL.  I just hope there is a way to “find” the bunny logo on each cover.  I think there are a few that I was never able to find it!!  Still haunts me to this day!!

Oh, and a 3D version would also be nice!!

Lee Dronick

I read over at The Loop that this is indeed an app.


I think that there has been a mistake and misunderstanding about Apple’s policy regarding nudity on the App Store.  Prior to Playboy, Apple has permitted nudity in paid apps.  In fact, if you will recall Apple’s dispute with that, I believe, Swedish newspaper that wanted to post nude/pornographic content on the App Store in a free app, Apple refused to permit that content in a free app but said that it would acceptable under its policies for that newspaper to offer its erotic content in a paid app, and prior to Playboy, I believe that other erotic nude content has appeared on the App Store in a paid apps, at least in certain European versions of the App Store, so, by permitting Playboy’s uncensored content in a paid app, Apple is neither being inconsistent with its existing policies, nor is it breaking new ground.


Think of the kittens…

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Debunked by Fox News (blacklisted? really?). You might get to fapp, but not with an app.

(remove the space—geez)

Dave Hamilton

Debunked by Fox News (blacklisted? really?)

Actually, it was a URL with “porn” in it that was causing the blacklist, Bosco. Your space separated the http from the porn and suddenly all was well. I added enough to the whitelist to allow this particular one through.


Imagine hanging an iPad from the wall in the Men’s Locker Room…......

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

No worries. I think that’s the second time I haven’t been able to post a link to a Fox News story. But I bet the other one was porn related too. I try to find unlikely sources…

Lee Dronick

See this story at PC World

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