Playboy Teases Uncensored iPad Content

Playboy founder and man-about-town Hugh Hefner raised a few eyebrows on Twitter Wednesday night with a coy little tweet promising uncensored content on the iPad come May 18. The assumption was that Playboy had found a way around Apple’s anti-naughty app policy for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but the Hef later clarified a digital Playboy magazine wasn’t in the works.

“Playboy will be available on iPad, complete & uncensored, on May 18,” he said in a tweet.

Later he added, “ gives readers access to every issue—from first to last—for $8 a month.”

Offering an iPad-optimized version of a Playboy Web site, complete with back issues online, makes more sense for The Hef since Apple isn’t interested in offering up photos of naked women to its customers. In fact, Apple has been very clear about its no-porn policy for the App Store.

For now, it looks like Playboy fans will have to stick with the traditional print magazine, or settle for viewing issues online when they have an Internet connection.