Pogoplug Pro Shares Your USB Drive

Cloud Engines announced Monday Pogoplug Pro, an updated version of the company’s USB hard drive sharing device. Pogoplug Pro adds built-in WiFi support to the device, allowing you share your files anywhere you can access a wireless network.

As you can see in the image below, Pogoplug Pro allows you to connect your USB external hard drive (users can connect up to four hard drives). The device then connects to the Internet and makes the files on your hard drive available through a password protected Web-based service operated by Cloud Engines.

Using any browser in Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, users can then access those files, stream them (in the case of video and audio files), or share them out to other people.

There is also companion software for Mac OS X and Windows that allows users to view files on the drives connected to Pogoplug Pro as if they were on a local hard drive connected to your computer. The company also makes apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad, both free) with the same ability.

Pogoplug Pro is priced at US$99, and is available through the company’s Web site, and at Best Buy.

Pogoplug Pro

Pogoplug Pro