Poker Copilot 2.4.1 Adds Leak Detectors

Steve McLeod did a stealth update for Poker Copilot 2.4.1, an update to the online poker tracking software for Mac OS X that adds two new leak detectors, some new viewing options, and several bug fixes. In addition, all four leak detectors in the software are now available for tournaments, in addition to ring game support.

Poker Copilot is the only tracking software for the Mac (that we have found), and it goes far in giving Mac users the same sort of tools that have long been available to Windows poker players who use Poker Tracker and Hold ‘Em Manager. The software collates your hand history information and allows you to see how you and your opponents typically play.

Developer Steve McLeod added two leak detectors in version 2.4.0, and with the two new ones added the software will now analyze Preflop Aggression, Passional Awareness, Blind Stealing, and your Pocket Pair play. The leak detectors use theory published on the Two Plus Two poker forums.

The patch notes for 2.4.1:

What’s changed:

  • There is a new “Blind Stealing” leak detector
  • There is a new “Pocket Pairs” leak detector.
  • The Hand Replayer has been spruced up.
  • You can play PokerStars in any language and still use the Poker Copilot HUD.
  • You can customise the columns shown in most of the summaries by selecting “View Options…” from the View menu. This is an alternative to right-clicking on the summary table headers.

The All-in Equity Value calculations and the leak detectors are now available for tournaments, as well as ring games.

What’s fixed:

  • Rush Poker Sit & Go’s are now supported by the Rush Poker HUD.
  • Changes to the bwin tournament hand history structure are supported.
  • Tournament charts show chips on y-axis in T1500 format instead of $1500.00 format

Poker Copilot 2.4.1 is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$59.95.