Poker Copilot Adds Starting Bankroll Feature

Poker Copilot, the only poker heads up display (HUD) for the Mac, has been updated to version 2.5.8. The new version adds the ability to stipulate your starting bankroll amount, and improves its handling of problem hand histories. It also includes a few bug fixes.

Poker HUDs collate hand history data and then mine that data for key statistics for both your play and your opponents’ play to better understand them.

Poker Copilot 2.5.8 patch notes:

  • Added starting bankroll. You can set this in the Preferences. Bankroll charts start at this level ($27.46).
  • Locating and dealing with problematic hand history files is much easier with the new “Hand History Problems” window. A link to this window appears when Poker Copilot has difficulty reading a hand history file.
  • What’s fixed:
    • Fixed a problem with Ongame hands where returned uncalled bets were sometimes miscalculated
    • Added a work-around for a new Winamax hand history problem - if a hand is labelled simply “holdem”, Poker Copilot assumes it is no limit holdem.
    • Export-generated tournament summaries with extra blank lines on end are now parsed correctly.
    • PokerStars 20-100 BB tables now work correctly with the HUD

The update is free to registered users of version 2.x, and the full version is priced at US$59.99.