Poker Copilot Adds Support for FullTilt France, Winamax Tourneys

Steve McLeod released Poker Copilot 2.57 this week, an update to the online poker HUD and hand history analysis manager for the Mac that adds support for the new France-specific version of FullTilt. The update also improves support Winamax’s tournaments.

The France-specific version of FullTilt was created recently to meet that country’s new regulatory framework for online poker.

Bug fixes in this update include:

  • Strange player names like “Andy calls” or “He mucks” or “checks raises calls” are now less likely to confuse Poker Copilot
  • Posting of a dead small blind is now handled correctly.
  • The total buy-in of PokerStars Bounty Tournaments is now calculated correctly.

The update is free to registered owners of Poker Copilot 2.x, and the patch is a 16MB download, and you can get it by using the Download Now button on either the Buy Now or Try Now pages on the app’s Web site.

The full version of Poker Copilot is US$59.95.