Poker Copilot Update Adds New HUD Features

Steve Mcleod announced an update to Poker Copilot that adds many new features to the HUD, which you can see in the figure below. Poker Copilot is hand history analysis and heads up display (HUD) software for the Mac. In addition to the new HUD features, the update includes some site-specific improvements and bug fixes.

The patch notes:

What’s changed:

  • M-ratio added to the HUD statistics
  • Preflop 4-bet ??added to the HUD statistics
  • Fold to preflop 4-bet added to the HUD statistics?
  • Big blinds remaining added to the HUD statistics?
  • Recently seen cards shown in the HUD popup panel
  • Winamax preferred seat can be entered into the Poker Copilot Preferences
  • The HUD colour schemes have a better colour chooser
  • Poker Copilot works in French, Dutch, Italian, German, Hungarian, and Spanish (Latin America)
  • If you don’t want Poker Copilot in your language, there’s a new Preference - “Always use English”
  • There’s a new “Reset HUD Layouts” item on the “Head-up Display” menu
  • Charts now default to save to Desktop
  • In the HUD “Times seen” is now shown as 1.5K, 12K, etc for large numbers

What’s fixed:

  • Winamax 6-max and 10-max tables now have a default HUD layout
  • Winamax 10-player tables were not being handled correctly in some circumstances
  • Antes on PokerStars tournaments are now handled correctly
  • Winamax hand ids were being incorrectly read, leading to occasional missing hands for multi-tablers
  • Custom charts were being added to Leak Detectors instead of to Charts
  • Hand replayer keyboard shortcuts now continue to work after displaying a HUD popup panel
  • You no longer have to press enter twice in Tournament Editor for the OK button to be activated

The update is free to registered owners of version 2.x, and you can download it from the Poker Copilot Web site. The full version is $59.95.

Poker Copilot Screenshot

In this screenshot, you can see the new HUD options
(and why this reporter enjoys playing with this particular opponent, whose name has been partially obscured)