Police Label Failed Xmas Apple Store Thieves “Grinch-Like”

A trio of burglars attempted a Christmas morning robbery of the Apple Store in the Cherry Hill Mall, earning themselves the label of being “Grinch-like” from the local police. The three failed in the alleged robbery attempt, leaving behind their loot shortly before two of them were apprehended by police.



From the police department’s press release, which was obtained by NBC10 in Philadelphia:

At 04:46 hours on 12-25-11 while visions of sugar plums were dancing through most people’s heads three Grinch-like suspects arrived at the Cherry Hill Mall in a stolen sleigh (stolen car). With ski masks, gloves and dark hoodies armed with landscape rocks they busted their way into the mall and later into the Apple Store and began filling their sacks (trash bags) with stolen merchandise totaling $35,801.00.

We will note that the police displayed a great sense of humor with their announcement, though they also took the time to explain their shenanigans before anyone could actually think that an actual sleigh was the getaway vehicle. Couldn’t have that, now, could we?

According to NBC10, a mall security guard spotted the robbery as it was taking place and called the police. A short car chase later, the alleged thieves turned into a dead end street, abandoned both their car and the loot, and ran away on foot.

The police captured one of them at the time, and a second one shortly thereafter—both are being held on US$102,500 bail. The third is still at large.

Apple Store Cherry Hill

The Apple Store in Cherry Hill Mall
Source: Apple

Apple Stores are frequently the target of robberies, in part because the company’s goods have such a high (re)sale value, even when “used.” Most of the store robberies we’ve covered at The Mac Observer, however, are locations with a street store front, rather than stores that are inside of a shopping mall. It’s possible the thieves thought that Christmas morning would give them an uncharacteristically empty mall to navigate.