Porn Industry Successfully Commercializes iPhone’s FaceTime

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From the “That Didn’t Take Long” files, comes news from adult Web site company (i.e. porn), which announced Tuesday that it has successfully brought commercial porn to Apple’s FaceTime with the iPhone. According to the company, the first paid adult video call over FaceTime on the iPhone took place on August 13th, 2010, and that it is now closing in on its 1,000th such call.

“The happy client from the United States ordered a ten minute show with Brees Kelly but was satiated enough to hang up after just over five minutes,” the company said in a statement.

FaceTime is the video call platform Apple announced with iPhone 4 that allows users to speak face-to-face with the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera. The company said it will be making FaceTime an open protocol, but so far the iPhone is the only device that supports the technology.

As for, the company said that 93% of its customers so far are male, and that most of the calls have been five minute calls. In addition, the company said that most of the calls have been from the U.S., but that many have also come from China.

Apple has worked hard to keep adult apps out of the App Store on iTunes, but FaceTime is not under the same kinds of controls as is iTunes.

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Sounds like they might need to come up with a new name instead of “Face” time. Maybe they can get a license from MC Hammer for “HammerTime”.


Gives a whole new meaning to “Facetime”.  smile


I love the detail of the report.  5 minutes?

Lee Dronick

I love the detail of the report.? 5 minutes?

Well the article does start with From the ?That Didn?t Take Long? files smile


Gives a whole new meaning “Can you hear me now?” as well.

It’s a good thing it’s based on WiFi and not cellular, or some people would get really ticked off with dropped calls!


I wonder if they have a 30 second price plan.


I wonder if they have a 30 second price plan.

I commend you for the courage it took to think that thought out loud.

Bryan Chaffin

He went one better and posted it. I salute you, xmattingly! smile

Jim Long

Tiger said it best!!  That’s the best line of the night… considering that I sent 3 iPhone4’s back for bad reception issues and dropped calls…...


Well, one restaurant may popularize numbered menu meals, but eventually someone will come along with a $1 menu. Consumerism rules! :D

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