Portland Mac Reseller Targeted in Smash and Grab

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Portland-based MacPac lost several Macs and iPads to burglars who drove their truck through the side of the retailer’s building over the weekend. The incident took less than a minute, but the suspects were recorded by a security camera, according to KGW.

Police arrived within a minute of the burglary, but the suspects were already gone.

MacPac, with its walls intact

This isn’t the first time MacPac has been hit by burglars. “The last person who did this we put away,” said MacPac co-owner Randy Feldman. “So hopefully this will work the same way.”

The suspects were driving a full-size gray pickup truck with a diamond-plate toolbox in the truck bed. Authorities are asking that anyone with information about the crime contact the Portland, Oregon Police Department.

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When the iPhone4 prototype was stolen Apple was able to reach in and ‘brick’ it remotely so the unit wouldn’t boot and there was no data left.

If MacPac has the SN# of the stolen units could Apple do that to at least the iPads? How about the MacBook Pros? I kinda’ doubt the latter.


I may live in Florida and have to shop the Orlando Apple stores but my heart is still in Portland and MacPac. They are always there to answer my questions and do upgrades even with me living a continent away. I sure miss that kind of local service here. I trust the Portland Police Bureau finds the crooks quickly and they figure out how to better secure the front door.

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