Portwiture: Picture Yourself on Twitter

Interested in what kind of image you're making on Twitter? Portwiture can show you with a little help from Flickr.

Portwiture is a clever Web site that looks at the content from your recent tweets and then scours Flickr for images that fit. The Web site calls it a "serendipitous visual representation of your Twitter profile."

The site is simple to use; just enter a Twitter user name and click GO. You can click the images Portiwure finds so see bigger versions, and it includes a slideshow viewing option, too.

Portwiture's results can be interesting.

If you want more control over Portwiture's results, there are options for that, too. Click the MORE OPTIONS button to set how many commonly used words to use when finding images, how the images will be sorted, whether to grab posts from Twitter or Identica, and which Flickr account to cull photos from.

Portwiture's results can be interesting. In my case, it displayed pictures of cats, coffee drinks (including one with a Barbie doll head floating in the drink), women looking at the camera, and hopping rabbits. Surprisingly, there were no photos of cake or pants.