How to Instantly Share Mac Screenshots Using Dropbox

Last week I was at the MacTech Conference in Los Angeles. While I was there I got the chance to speak to a lot of people and I took the opportunity to ask about the "secret stuff" the developers and other techies use in their daily lives. You know, the kind of stuff that seems to blow other people's minds.

We'll start off the Week Of Tips with a fantastic one from Nathan Toups, currently the CTO of KEY, a startup in stealth mode that's offering personalized service to short-term renters (like, if your AirBnB had a concierge). He gave me a tip about screenshots and Dropbox that may well make your life dramatically easier. Here are the steps to let Dropbox handle your screenshots:

First, you'll have to configure Dropbox to handle your screenshots. Open Dropbox from your menu bar, click on the gear, and go to Preferences. From there, click on Import:

Dropbox for Mac Import Settings Dropbox for Mac Import Settings.

Check the box for screenshots, and close the panel. Now when you go to take a screenshot, that screenshot will automatically live in a folder in your Dropbox folder called Screenshots, using your regular file format and naming convention.

But as a bonus, the minute that screenshot gets snapped, the sharing link for it is automatically copied to your clipboard, so you can paste that link wherever you need it. This is really handy for those who collaborate remotely or need an easy way to communicate visually. Thanks for the tip, Nathan!