Preliminary Data: iPad Bests NetBook Speed at Popular Websites

Gomez, a company that specializes in Web performance analysis for clients, has published an initial report showing that for the top 50 most visited web pages, 74 percent of pages loaded faster on iPad than netbooks. The data is preliminary and only covered the period April 1 to 6.

The testing was restricted to users:

  • Located in the U.S. only
  • Connected via broadband connections
  • Using Wi-Fi with iPad and Netbooks

Gomez uses two metrics: 1) Raw performance, that is load time for a page. 2) Perceived performance, called render time or “above-the-fold-time.” That’s the time for all visible objects to fully render. Using these standards, Gomez found the following for the top 50 websites visited.

  1. 74% of pages loaded faster on iPad than netbooks.
  2. 62% of pages are perceived to load faster on iPad than netbooks.

Gomez also noted, however, that there are a handful of popular sites that load particularly slowly on iPad, but did not cite them by name.

The company reiterates that this is early data. Also, it should be noted that some popular websites are actively optimizing for iPad which will give the iPad a further advantage on those sites.

These results are encouraging and indicative of the potential of the iPad, its A4 processor, the Webkit engine in Safari, and what HTML5/CSS3 optimization can do. Additional, long term testing should reveal if this trend is maintained.

For more information about how Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, operates, see their website.