President Obama Totes his iPad 2 Onto Marine One

A photograph released by the White House on Flickr shows President Barack Obama boarding Marine One (the designation for the president’s helicopter when the president is onboard) with his new iPad 2, complete with a Smart Cover. First noted by our friends at TUAW, the photo shows that the president enjoys his iPad enough (or useful enough) to carry it with him for such activities as a townhall meeting.

The caption posted by the White House reads, “President Barack Obama salutes as he walks to Marine One following a town hall meeting in Fairless Hills, Pa., April 6, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza).”

In March, President Obama acknowledged having an iPad during an interview with Univision. Today’s photograph suggests that it’s a device he truly uses. The president is also known as an avid BlackBerry user, saying during the same interview that he usually his BlackBerry with him.

President Obama with his Helicopter and iPad 2

The full image, complete with the iPad, U.S. Marines guards, and Secret Service on the roof of the building behind the president.

Closeup of iPad 2 & Smart Cover

In the original quality image also posted by the White House, you can clearly see that it’s an iPad 2 with an Apple Smart Cover.