Production Delays Limit General iMac Availability Until February

2012 iMac Delay

Apple’s latest iMac remains hard to get, with new orders for the 27-inch model delayed until at least February, as discussed by AppleInsider. The 2012 iMac now shows 7 to 10 day delays for the 21.5-inch model and 3 to 4 week delays for the belated 27-inch model on Apple’s online store, over a month after the products were released.

The 2012 revision to Apple’s iMac was unveiled in late October at the iPad mini keynote address, where Apple announced the availability of the 21.5-inch model for November and the 27-inch model for December. The 21.5-inch model launched on time, but in limited quantities, and Apple shipped only a few units of the 27-inch model in mid-December before stock ran out. Apple then revised its plans for the 27-inch model to “January” for general availability.

The shortages, forewarned by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s fourth quarter results call in October, have also hit third party Apple retailers who are out of stock on the new models as well.

2012 iMac Delays

Production issues are likely to blame, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The new iMac features a number of significant design changes that have presented manufacturing problems, including very low yields on the 27-inch display which must been laminated to the LCD panel in a costly and difficult process.

Until the production issues are corrected, the new iMac will be hard to come by, frustrating both consumers and investors. Aside from waiting, consumers with immediate need may consider paying a premium to obtain an iMac through eBay or other consumer-to-consumer sales channels.

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