Production Delays Limit General iMac Availability Until February

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2012 iMac Delay

Apple’s latest iMac remains hard to get, with new orders for the 27-inch model delayed until at least February, as discussed by AppleInsider. The 2012 iMac now shows 7 to 10 day delays for the 21.5-inch model and 3 to 4 week delays for the belated 27-inch model on Apple’s online store, over a month after the products were released.

The 2012 revision to Apple’s iMac was unveiled in late October at the iPad mini keynote address, where Apple announced the availability of the 21.5-inch model for November and the 27-inch model for December. The 21.5-inch model launched on time, but in limited quantities, and Apple shipped only a few units of the 27-inch model in mid-December before stock ran out. Apple then revised its plans for the 27-inch model to “January” for general availability.

The shortages, forewarned by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s fourth quarter results call in October, have also hit third party Apple retailers who are out of stock on the new models as well.

2012 iMac Delays

Production issues are likely to blame, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The new iMac features a number of significant design changes that have presented manufacturing problems, including very low yields on the 27-inch display which must been laminated to the LCD panel in a costly and difficult process.

Until the production issues are corrected, the new iMac will be hard to come by, frustrating both consumers and investors. Aside from waiting, consumers with immediate need may consider paying a premium to obtain an iMac through eBay or other consumer-to-consumer sales channels.

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Production delays? Based on what evidense? Are they in stock in stores?

How about this explanation instead. The new iMacs are just that - new products. And new products always take some time to catch up with demand if they are popular which by all account the new iMacs are.

7-10 days for a shipment forecast (which likely will be less than that) is actually pretty good, especially since Apple tries not to keep extra inventory just lying around.

Therefore investors should be happy that these units are so popular and that Apple is keeping inventory levels low while still maintaining a reasonably small launch window.


I can tell you from first hand experience there are delays, especially for the 27”. I ordered mine (with some upgrades) Dec 1st (the day after their release on the Apple store site) and was expecting about a 4 week deliver. It’s been almost 6 weeks and still nothing.


I had ordered my 27” with most of the options the afternoon of the first day that they took orders for these. The shipping schedule indicated that it probably would not arrive until around Dec 28th or later. I was very pleased to actually receive it on Dec 19th (in Canada). I suspect that they had put extra time into the schedule as it was a new production run just in case there were some manufacturing issues. But the shipping date was really pulled in - by nearly 2 weeks.

I heard that within a day or two the new shipping dates ended up (for the 27”) being in early January.  To me, this indicates that they had a very high demand for the 27” version which I suspect was higher than anticipated. This might have been a lot of professionals deciding that this was good enough to replace aging MacPros, at least to some degree?

Craig, you might want to double check on your order (assuming you are in North America?) Something sounds wrong compared to the dates that I have seen reported. My order did not have the very top option for the processor but it had nearly everything else (hope to keep this unit for another 7 years). Perhaps your unit had a different version of the processor that might have had delays or something?

As mentioned, I really don’t see any news here other than what appears to be a success launch with high demand. Even with 4-5 weeks delays for shipping 27”, that isn’t that bad for just in time manufacturing of a totally new product with demand.


@Jim - I’ve checked with the Apple reseller and here in Australia there are some delays but I have heard of some getting the 27” around the same time as you did.
I ordered the top 27” with i7, 1Tb Fusion, 680Mx and wired keyboard plus trackpad.


The major difference in the two systems then was the i5 (fastest) vs. the i7 in yours.  Most likely a delay then in availability of the i7 or less likely additional tuning might have been needed for that version.  Hope you get yours fast as these are truly stunning systems - both in appearance and performance.

Side note as to the article that these comments are on; I would say that between Craig and myself in these comments, we have done more research than any of the writers for this or the original article. Too bad as the other stories (not confirmed) that these are selling fast which is causing the major delays and/or a possible delay in i7 availability. I would probably have clicked on either story but not been annoyed by the ‘reporting’.


I agree, also of course if you order now you’ll not likely see it before the end of January, maybe into Feb depending on your configuration.

I was told by my retailer that things will get better towards the end of the month, so shorter waiting times.


I ordered my iMac on Nov. 30 through the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha. The order was placed through Apple that same day. Original delivery date was Dec. 24, then changed to Jan. 17. I checked today and found out it’s been moved to Feb. 1!

It took 2 months to get my first iMac because they were changing models. And now it’s happened again. I am not a very happy Apple customer. For this kind of money, we should at least get some honest answers about deliveries. I have already paid a $700 deposit on this, so cancelling is not an option.

Anyone out there who’s thinking they’ll actually get their computer in 3-4 weeks: Don’t hold your breath!


I ordered mine at the beginning of January,w as told it would take 15-20 days, and are still waiting for it today, 8th of March. This is in Spain I must add, probably makes things worse. What really disgusts me is that I paid 50% of it already, because I did quite a lot of customization!


UPDATE - I’ve had my 27” for about 5 weeks now and it was well worth the 8 week wait. This is my first iMac and my first upgrade in 7 years and the difference is remarkable. Way faster than the G5 Tower, runs cooler and quieter using a lot less power.

FYI I paid around 75% upfront at time of order and the balance when I picked it up from the reseller.

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