Propellerhead Adds Third Party Rack Essentials with Reason 6.5

Propellerhead released on Thursday Reason 6.5, an update to the company’s sequencing software for the Mac that opens up Reason’s “rack” to third party parties in a new platform called Rack Essentials. With Rack Essentials, other companies can crate their own instruments and effects for Reason.

Reason 6.5

Reason 6.5 with Polar, a new Rack Essentials pitch shifter from Propellerhead.

According to the company, Rack Essentials instruments and effects are “full Reason rack citizens,” and users will be able to do anything with these third party plugins that they have previously done with Propellerhead-released instruments and effects.

“Rack Extensions combines all the things that musicians love about Reason with the creativity and inspiration that comes from having tons of instruments and effects at your fingertips. And it manages to do all that without any of the drawbacks of old plug-in technology. It really is the best of both worlds,” Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös said in a statement.

Propellerhead also announced Propellerhead Shop, an online store for Rack Essentials that is being launched with 20 different instruments and effects from Propellerhead itself and other companies.

To kick off the platform and the store, the company is offering Pulsar—a dual LFO and mono synth—as a free download from its store (regular price of US$49/€39). Below the fold we have an entertaining demo video for Pulsar that was put together like a U.S. infomercial.

Along with Reason 6.5, Propellerhead also released Reasons Essentials 1.5. This is a limited-function version of the software aimed at users who don’t feel they need all the bells and whistles of the full version.

Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5 are both free to owners of Reason 6 and Reason Essentials 1. The full version of Reason is priced at $449/€405, while Reason Essentials is $129/€120. Upgrading from earlier versions of Reason is $169/€149.

Propellerhead Demo Video for Pulsar