Propellerhead Announces “Record” Home Studio Software

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Propellerhead Software, maker of Reason, announced Monday a new application called Record, a software recording solution the company bills as, "designed for musicians - not audio engineers." Record is in beta, and the company is accepting beta testers.

Record supports unlimited audio tracks, and it incudes a built-in version of Pod, Line 6's guitar amp modelling solution. Users can add affects to individual tracks, and the software can handle up to 64 individual inputs at one time (this would require an audio interface with 64 inputs).

Propellerhead also said the engine powering the application was efficient and lightweight, "even with large projects," and that it will scale up to take advantage of however many processor or processor cores you can throw at it.

Record is being offered in beta for Mac OS X (requires an Intel Mac) or Windows XP and Vista. The video we included below is a promotional video put out by Propellerhead. You can find more information at Propellerhead's Web site.



Well considering I use Reason i think this will be a very useful addition for when I play live music, instead of using synthesis
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club penguin

Useful software.
Where can i download it??

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