Propellerhead/macProVideo Release Reason 5/Record Tutorials

Propellerhead and macProVideo have released a series of training videos for Reason 5 and Record 1.5. The four videos cover core functions in Reason, the new Kong drum machine in Reason 5, sampling in Reason, and a basic primer on using Record.

Reason in Propellerhead’s sequencer/synthesizer/drum machine software for Mac OS X, and Record is the company’s entry into the DAW (digital audio workstation) space.

Descriptions from the companies:

Reason 101: Core Reason 5
This 180 min tutorial, taught by Scott Freiman, is the perfect way to master Reason’s synths, its rack-based construction, and its incredibly flexible rear panel patching.

Reason 102: Kong: King of Drums
2.5 hours of tutorial-videos will show you everything you need to know to get Phat Beats out of Kong.

Record 101: Core Record 1.5 is excited to bring you G.W. Childs IV, a Reason & Record power-user, to introduce to you the potential power locked up inside Record 1.5!

Reason 201: Live Sampling in Reason 5
Mo Volans takes you deep into Reason’s rack to show you how to create awesome samples that are guaranteed to enhance your sonic universe and give new life to your tracks.

You can access all of macProVideo’s training videos for US$25 per month, or download these individual videos between $29.50 and $39.50.

Reason 5

Reason 5