Proposal for Apple “Get a Mac” Ad to Counter Microsoft

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We're all familiar with Apple's terrific, famous "Get a Mac" TV ads starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. Here's my proposal for an ad to counter Microsoft's new PC buying campaign.

While Apple hasn't been running the ad lately, in preference to a deluge of iPhone commercials, here's how I'd counter the recent Microsoft ads that focus on how cheap PCs are:

Get a Mac TV ad

[Fade in]

Long: Hello, I'm a Mac

Hodgman: And I'm a PC.

Long: [Watches PC intently]

Hodgman: [Resumes phone conversation, highly frustrated.] Sorry, No I can't get to the data right now. I'm really "sloooww" today. [Winces.] Can I get back to you tomorrow? [Hangs up.]

[Turns to Long] Sorry, I was with a client. But I couldn't get to my data. Some sort of OS hang up. I'll just have to give my client the quote tomorrow when I'm ... feeling better.

Long: [Reflects] Hmmm ... I thought low cost PCs and Windows always work beautifully together.

Hodgman: Apparently not. Now I'm so screwed.

Long: Hey, how about if I access the data for you. It's, um, right here! [Points to his head.]

Hodgman: Really? Thanks! [Picks up the phone. Turns to Long, speaks out of the side of his mouth] Maybe I won't have to keep my client waiting after all. [Grimaces.]

Long: [Folds arms with wise smile.]

[Fade to Apple iMac image]

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Cut!  Print it!

Good job.  Can I have your autograph, John?


Brilliant!! But uh… don’t quit the day job. We’ll call you! Let’s do lunch.


I would do something completely different and use the style of the new MS ads.  The customer picks out a Windows machine.  Then the sales person walks him/her over to the software section, and says: “You’re going to need some software to go with that…”  First comes Norton Internet Security, then Spy Sweeper, then Photoshop Elements, and then Premiere Elements (or the Ulead or Pinnacle equivalent).  Customer asks, “How much is all of this going to cost me?”
Sales person: “Only about 2 or 3 hundred for these, plus the annual subscription for Norton.”  Customer: “Would I have to buy the same things for a Mac?”  Salesperson: “Nope, you don’t have the same worry about viruses and spyware on the Mac, and you get iPhoto and iMovie with every Mac.”  Customer: “So the overall cost is then pretty even?”  fade out….


@bluevoter…like that a lot!

Reginald W

How about this one for an advertisement? Goes on the idea that Apple has a single place to go to while Windows has multiple fingers to point at when a problem occurs.

Reginald W

[Fade in]

Long: Hello, I’m a Mac.

Hodgman: And I’m a PC.

Apple Tech/Genius: There you go Mac. Good as new. [turns and walks away to viewers right]

Hodgman: What was that about?

[some sounds rising in the background of people arguing]

Long: Oh I had a problem but it has been fixed now and I feel great. One call and one place and an Apple genius to look after me.

[background sound of arguing increases in volume]

Hodgman: Oh. I’m still waiting for someone to decide what my problem is. Seems they can’t tell if it is hardware or software or firmware or malware or something else yet. [Long and Hodgman look over to group of arguing people to the viewers left]

[Background: several people of different nationalities arguing, saying “it’s not my fault, it is hardware, someone else saying “no, it is a problem with the OS”, someone else saying “I’m sure it is a security problem with malware.”...]

Long: Well…. good luck. I’ve got to get back to work now.

Hodgman: Oh.. okay. I’ll try to catch up with you later.. when I can actually work. <sigh>

[Hangs head and walks over to stand among the arguing group]

[Fade to Apple iMac image]


A better ending for @Reginald W’s ad—someone emerges from the group huddle and says: “You should start by reinstalling Windows”.  (This is actually a very common response from tech support people on Windows problems.)

John Gannon

How about this one for an advertisement? Goes on the idea that Apple has a single place to go to while Windows has multiple fingers to point at when a problem occurs.
club penguin

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