Prosoft Releases Data Rescue 3 for Mac Hard Drive Recovery

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Prosoft Engineering announced Monday the release of Data Rescue 3, an update to the company's do-it-yourself data recovery solution for the Mac. The new version includes speed improvements, a new interface, a new feature called FileIQ, support for more file types, and more.

According to the company, FileIQ allows Data Rescue 3 to learn about new file types from user-supplied samples. This greatly extends the number of potential Reconstructed file types supported.

Other new features:

  • Over 100 new Reconstructed file types have been added for Deleted and Deep scans.
  • A new File Previewer feature, which can preview many file types prior to recovery.
  • The ability to suspend and resume scans, and to manage the results from multiple scans.
  • Improved support for scanning Apple software RAID drives
  • Improved support for scanning large > 1TB drives
  • Improved support for recovering large sparse disk image files
  • Improved support for recovering pkzip files
  • Improved recovery of hard linked files
  • Added ability to unmount or eject a volume (useful when booted from DVD-ROM)
  • Automatic check for updated Data Rescue 3 version
  • Improved features to assist if a call to Prosoft technical support becomes necessary.
  • New Home Folder feature when booted from DVD; avoids the need to re-enter activation key each time it's booted.
  • Numerous bug fixes

Upgrading from previous version is priced at US$65. The full version is priced at $99 for a single user license, or $249 for mobile IT pros and IT shops.

Data Rescue 3 Screenshot
Screenshot from Data Rescue 3

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Ahhh, but is it FASTER?



I am pretty sure it’s a Data Rescue Disk…

Not “Need for Speed”

Besides, speed instead of attention to detail, is going to cost you (or your client) a lot of wasted time & effort.

My advice.

Slow down & get it right, the first time around.


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