Psystar Granted Extension for Appeal vs. Apple

Psystar has been granted an extension for filing an opening brief in its appeal against Apple. The company now has until May 17th, 2010 to file said brief, and Apple’s reply will be due on June 16th, according to World of Apple.

The extension is part of the ongoing legal battle between the two companies: Apple sued the company for Copyright breach when Psystar added a line of unauthorized Mac clones to its product line of cheap PCs. Psystar countersued with an antitrust charge in 2009,

Apple was eventually granted a complete victory over Psystar, including an injunction against the company that prevented it from selling Mac clones, or from selling or otherwise distributing software that enabled users to bypass Apple’s copyright. That victory, or defeat from Pystar’s vantage point, is what is currently being appealed.